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Sharks I.T Solution
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Hi I am Dickie. I work on free lancing website and softwares. I am passionate about designing  and developing websites and web solutions. I mostly work on open source technonlogies. I am an experienced Computer Engineer and have worked on various software solutions but have dedicated most of my time on web solutions and servers (mostly red hat based).
I believed in softwares as a service and  technology in a right sense can serve and help many business people and entrepreneurs , NGO, schools and colleges and many organissation in their growth and enhancement.

Why Choose Me?

Affordable and high end quality I realised that technology is very attractive, everybody wants a high end solution for their organisation but sadly prices of achieving them makes it difficult. Enter "Sharks I.T Solution", a very reasonable pricing for a quality service.

Client Oriented I believe that every organisation has different needs, visually and application wise for their IT solutions. Hence all the designs and development is done with constant discussion with the client during the development phase.

Committed to meet Deadlines  I make sure I deliver in time as time is very valuable. I do take care if i have to complete a project in a span of certain time it is up and running by then.

Open to Suggestions I believe that perfection can be achieved with constructive criticism only, so I am all ears for any suggestion or comments so as to better my services.
Technologies I work onProgramming Languages and Technologies
            §Java, J2EE (JavaServer Faces (JSF), JSP, JavaBeans, Java Servlets, JDBC)
            §C, C++
            §POSTGRES SQL, MySQL

Web Servers, Servlet Containers and J2EE Application Servers
            §Apache Tomcat Server

Reporting Tools
            §Jasper Reports

Apart from these tools I have worked on Web Servers and other related topics on Network Security.


In today's cut throat competition it has become very essential for any business irrespective of any background to reach global market and get clients from various parts of the world. This is where I come in where I help a business to outreach the market by helping them create a website. Website has become essential to any business. It helps your business portfolio to be reach people and the very existence of your business becomes known to the people. In today's world website are no longer meant to display information the functionalities that websites can do involves a basic task like displaying an image to booking a guest house from one corner of the world to the other. In today’s world website has become an integral part of the business and people to flourish their business they don't just work hard they work smart. I think even donkey's work hard… don’t' they... LOL

Student Projects

I help students from educational institute to learn technologies and help them achieve the learning curve required in today's competitive world and teach them in an industry oriented perspective.


In an organization or a small scale or a medium scale or a large scale enterprise there are various data to store, process, task to do, reports to print and the list goes on and on and on. These tasks before the existence of the computer and tablets and smart phones were done through traditional ways like the records were maintained manually and searching for details were done manually. But today things have change things are available with just one click of a button. These task are achieved by custom made soft wares  which are organization specific. I say organization specific cause for certain small and medium scale organization there exist an alternative solution without having to purchase an high end software and also an option for open source based software solution exist which saves a lot of organization getting ripped off by some fellows who want to earn big bucks by cutting your throat. Trust me I can give u lots of example of it.


If you are looking to computerized your organization  or you are in need of any software services and you aren’t sure what to do and how to go about it and where to start, well I can help you in that. Would first do a requirement study and get you the things listed for your needs. Well that’s the least I can do.
Completed Projects
Ongoing Projects
Da-Wan-Ki Farm and Homestay

Daniel Syiem's Ethnic Fashion House

Order Requistion System for Dot Com

Developed an ERP Package for EPEE Industries, Goa

Developed an Departmental Store Software

Developed and Online forum

Developed an online admission system

and couple of more projects with friends
Korshongthait Homestay

Motinagar, Shillong
Meghalaya, India - 793014

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